What is Travel Planning?

If you are planning your trip to Italy and you want to travel on your own, not with an organized group tour, then our travel planning service is what you need. It is tailor made just for you. We have the sophistication and the resources to help you experience Italy according to your tailored desires!

Getting Started

At our first appointment we do a lot of listening. We recognize that by the time you have come to us for assistance you have probably spent countless hours on the Internet and may be a bit overwhelmed. We help you make sense of all of the information and make suggestions based on the type of trip you are trying to achieve. We’ll ask you some questions to get you thinking. Do you mind driving a car while in Italy? Do you want to be busy all the time or are you interested in a more tranquil location in the country? What is your budget? Do you like organized day trips? Once we have determined the locations you want to stay in we begin placing into the itinerary your accommodation choices followed by any sightseeing. The last piece is the transportation. In about an hour we have built an itinerary together that best suits your travel style.

Travel Manual

At our 2nd appointment will present you with your custom travel manual. This manual is made specifically for you and we will take about an hour and go through every page. It will include reservations, hotel confirmations, transportation, local guides, tickets and anything you have requested. We make sure that you understand everything from the smallest detail like where to get the best Gelato in Florence to more important issues like where to exchange money.

Travel Planning Services Prices

First Appointment


Second Appointment


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$6.00 each

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